AMA: The team behind Adobe's design system, Spectrum

over 2 years ago from Shawn Cheris, Director of Experience Design - Brand & Experience

  • Garth BraithwaiteGarth Braithwaite, over 2 years ago

    First and foremost, we hope this positively impacts internal and third-party developers to ensure Adobe’s product ecosystem is serving designers and engineers working on our products and extensions.

    Corporate systems have certainly changed the industry and influenced the evolution of design systems. They provide a common platform for design and engineering to create cohesive and intuitive products, and they have also helped to provide insight and inspiration for others. Design systems aim to solve very complex problems in terms of design, engineering, process, resources, and more. Seeing what large companies do and how they try to answer these common problems helps the community as a whole better understand the issues and potential solutions.

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