• , 6 months ago

    Hey Prajwal, Thanks for pointing out that broken link! I fixed that right away. As for the auto-playing gifs, I'd have to rework how it's built since there's no good way of delaying a gif from playing, that I'm aware of. But maybe I could make them videos! I'll look into it!

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    • Madison Sadler, 6 months ago

      Personally, i love the autoplay gifs, for me it brought life and movement to the page. I am also curious how you framed those gifs with the blue and pink frames, was that just through PS? Overall great look and feel, unique and clean design!

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      • Garrett Campagna, 6 months ago

        Thans Madison! That's exactly why I wanted to add the gifs so I'm glad you felt the same way! For the frames, each one is a sketch file with a clipping mask that has a black outline and drop-shadow the same color as the background. And the color is a lightened version of the main project color. I hope that helps!

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