• Jennifer Nguyen, almost 2 years ago

    The team I work on used to be on that structure but that was back when designers were split on different teams working on different products; now we're all one team working on all of the products.

    Back when we were on different teams, it didn't matter so much what tool we used since we were so far removed. As long as within each team, they used the same tool. For us, team A used Adobe Photoshop and team B used Sketch. Once we all merged, we all started using Figma since it was easier to collaborate.

    So my question for you would be: How is your team structured and is there a need to collaborate? Or is it more a matter of having access to the design files but not really editing them? If the latter, I'd recommend using a tool like Zeplin which hosts all of the different files regardless of what design tool you use to create the designs.

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    • M I, almost 2 years ago

      Hi, thanks for your comment. I just joined a new company and we will be working on different projects, there isn't a well-structured process for design and everyone works their own way with their preferred toolset; that's why I am wondering how can this work, having different workflows, but still being aware what others are doing.

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