MacBook Pro (now with 8 cores)(

1 year ago from Andrew Ciobanasiu, Designer

  • Gavin AnthonyGavin Anthony, 1 year ago

    i'm too skeptical to buy a macbook pro anymore. yeah 8 cores is cool but it's way too much money to invest in a computer with the current issues surrounding it.

    until apple does something to really address the keyboard issue / improve build quality, i can't see myself upgrading. probably won't be for another couple years.

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    • Andrew CiobanasiuAndrew Ciobanasiu, 1 year ago

      I'm simultaneously happy I wait for for the spec bump but also hesitant for the keyboard issues as well.

      Nevermind the overheating issues. It's not as easy a buy as before.

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    • Linton Ye, 1 year ago

      yup, the keyboard really sucks... Funny enough, I had to use a software solution to mitigate it since I can't afford to live without MBP for a few days for repairs...

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