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1 year ago from Brandon Durham, Senior Interactive Designer / Developer with Hoefler & Co.

  • Andrew C, 1 year ago

    Hmm I was looking for an "ADD TO CART" button at the top (I think for Inkwell script) but I couldn't find it at the time. I scrolled down and didn't see it at all, either. I see now you have to actually click the packages on the left and then the SHOW PRICES -> SHOW STYLES button transitions to an ADD TO CART button.

    The confusion was the top white part was for pricing/sorting "actions" (setting my license parameters) and the lower half with the font previews was for "browsing". This was difficult because Add to Cart is progressively revealed only after you click the package. I would consider keeping add to card highly visible all the time.

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    • Brandon Durham, 1 year ago

      That makes a lot of sense. I definitely understand your difficulty there. Because we sell fonts as packages and not à la carte, there are questions that we have to ask the visitor when they’re looking to make a purchase, licensing being the most important. That’s why we can’t really have an “Add to cart” button present on the screen before we know what they want to license the font for. It’s very tricky, and believe me when I tell you there are probably a dozen or more iterations of that very page. In fact, I think we’re already planning a rehash to make it simpler.

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      • Andrew C, almost 1 year ago

        Yea I’m sure it’s a challenge. Esp w how complex font payment models are. My initial assumption was I’d click add to cart then make the purchase decisions after that. Congrats on the launch though — checking out fonts was a great experience.

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