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over 2 years ago from Kilian Valkhof, Founder @ Polypane.app

  • Chris Rosenau, over 2 years ago

    Hi Kilian,

    I think you underestimate how many services we are charged $9.99 or more a month and have way more uses. I think you are over confident and really haven't tested your market. Most of us won't do a 7 day free trial that you have give out payment info for. Why? Because we know we forget and then get charged.

    Really any skilled designer/developer doesn't even need your tool. We have already found solutions, we don't want another browser. I can see myself trusting your browser only to find out my design is broken in Firefox and Chrome. Yes I know you are using the Chrome browser base, but I can tell you I use Vivaldi and every so often my designs in Vivaldi don't appear right in Chrome.

    Sounds like a hard sell to me. I would offer your product for free and have users pay for addons. That always gets me to buy stuff. Only being able to view iphone, ipad and desktop would be enough. Then we pay for all the other tablets and cell phones. 99cents a month per additional device or now charge me $12 a month for all of them.

    Your current approach has many users walk away before they have even tried the product because they think they are going to get locked into something they might not want or like. The free trial doesn't resolve this.


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