• JC .JC ., 4 years ago

    Here's the product problems for me that I think y'all need to design for:

    • encourage actual conversations in the comment section for all posts
    • make the frontpage more than a place for portfolios and self-promoting by writing about the same topics again and again.

    As you can see on the currently frontpage, posts don't get more than a couple of comments, probably because most of the content don't spark the creative conscious.

    A bigger abstract may be that your audience are most likely designers in the illustrative/graphic/UI design field. There really isn't much to talk about in those domains honestly that haven't been beaten to death.

    Ideally I would want DN to become similar to HackerNews in content and quality of comment/conversation. How you get there? May be a mix of marketing to certain users you want, better/more active moderators, and probably an iteration of the interface that encourages conversation (i personally do not like the layout of this site). Of course, all that requires whoever runs this site to actually put money and effort into it.

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    • Matthew Hollingsworth, 4 years ago

      For sure, thanks for that feedback JC. I think bringing people to the site with different design perspectives could definitely encourage more conversation.

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