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over 2 years ago from Noemi Stauffer, Founder at Fresh Fonts

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    Hey Sven, we started the newsletter back in 2017. It’s not really a “business”, in the sense that it’s just a side project supporting the work of independent type designers and small / new foundries by showcasing their recent work! :)

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    • Sven LoskillSven Loskill, 2 years ago

      Thank you for clarifying. Looking at the way all this is presented, I see good and honest creators at work. My comment wasn’t meant as grumpy as it may sound, hope that came through. It’s just that, albeit pretty sure unintentional*, resorting to marketing tactics feels a bit off in this close(r) knit community that Designer News is (well, used to be). You’re some time around here, too, guess you feel the same.

      Or I’m grumpy old. Once there was a young designer here A/B testing headlines to his portfolio – felt off, to me, too.

      Whatever. Nice font. Have my E-Mail :)

      * DN ist either link or comment – and no one wants long headlines. I get it.

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      • , 2 years ago

        Hey Sven, no offense taken at all, I really appreciate the feedback!

        I agree and also, I'm aware that the website could use more details about our mission, with a proper about page for example, and a contact page. Hopefully will get that done today!

        Cheers and thank you for signing up – all feedback about the newsletter is welcome anytime, too :)

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