Please critique: Framer UI Motion - Toggle(

over 4 years ago from Linton Ye, Founder at jimu Labs

  • Eric Chu, over 4 years ago

    Hi, nice work!

    My first question is: What is the purpose of this page? When a design is "good" it feels purposeful. Answer that question first and I think it will help you achieve what you want.

    The details in the toggle are a lot of fun. I'm going to concentrate my feedback on it because I think it can be great.

    Make the toggle the hero!

    You worked a lot on that animation! Looks fun! But, that toggle is TINY! Make it the hero of the page, so we can see all the work that went into it. Like, 2–3 times larger.

    Some of the detailed animations don't make "sense" because nature doesn't work that way!

    • A couple of the stars move left / right when toggled. Stars don't move like that! Consider fading them in instead. I noticed you are making the stars twinkle too; consider randomizing or staggering the twinkles.
    • Same with the cloud. It moves back & forth. Consider fading it in and instead have it move a very small distance in one direction.

    I don't think you need the rest of the page, really :)

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    • Linton Ye, over 4 years ago

      Thanks Eric! At least the cloud is moving slower now. I'll do some more improvements over the next few days. :)

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