Unofficial new Berlin rapid transit route map(

3 years ago from ChrisArchitec t, webdev, ops & solver of things

  • Luca Benazzi, 3 years ago

    Good point, indeed. When I saw the map initially, after a quick look I thought this map wanted to be a close representation of the real world, with distances that reflect the real ones, and the real, irregular shape of the Ringbahn. That would have the advantage of giving a more realistic representation at the expense of readability (given that it would be possible to represent it in a compact way, which might not be the case). Looking at this map more accurately, though, it's actually clear that it's a blend between the two: most lines are bent 45° and therefore what's the point of making only the ringbahn irregular? Because it's nice to see the dog's face profile?! I miss the rationale behind this choice, it actually makes no sense.

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    • Toby KellerToby Keller, 3 years ago

      I actually kinda like the naturally-shaped Ringbahn… it adds a nice amount of personality. If that was the only departure from a regular radius pattern I think it'd still be super legible. What really bugs me is that every S-Bahn seems to use random, differing radii… none of them follow the pattern set by the U-Bahn lines. That's where the spaghetti impression comes from, in my opinion.

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