• Jennifer Nguyen, over 4 years ago

    I think you should quit before you/company gets more invested and then it'd be "harder" to quit. I say because I've never worked at a place where I felt the need to quit after a week...not even after a few months....to feel like you need to quit after a week is pretty bad in my opinion. If what you're saying is true where everything has a lot of red tape, I don't see that changing overnight thus I don't see it getting better if you hang in there for a bit longer.

    People make it a big deal about quitting so soon, but when was the last time you've known someone that quit so soon and you're still mad at them? I've known a handful of people who stayed at their places for a really short period but it shouldn't all be their fault. It's also on the company for not showing the entire culture during interview process. Most people are busy anyways and there's so many other things to occupy their mind. A few months from now, most people won't be fussing over someone who left- they'd be worried about meeting their project deadlines, or picking up their kids, or planning their next trip to their hometown. I always ask myself "how much will this matter 1 month from now? 3 months from now? A year from now?". Most people forget and move on.

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