• Romain Sourdiaux, 11 months ago

    Like Mary says, if it doesn't bring you joy just let it go haha. To be honest everywhere I worked it was the same. Tried lots of different approaches but none worked. It's even worse if the managers, etc. have super strong egos. If you have another offer and feel like where you are is crap just do it. We have only one life and sadly work is not everything but still takes most of your day. So better to enjoy it than feeling shit. Oh yeah, you can always wait to see what happens, but if it's a big company I doubt it will really change. I know most people think that's the challenging part, try to evangelize, convince etc but wtf really, they hire you to do X and are not willing to listen so you have to find a way to convince them? It's like super counter productive. ✌️

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