• Jan SemlerJan Semler, over 4 years ago

    My feedback:

    No capitals? Looks like: we are hip we write everything lowercase, because. High profile clients will be saying: nah, they can‘t write, we chose slack, teams, skype whatever. Stakeholder always looking for correct writing because it is important what and how you say it.

    Make the input regarding the early access more prominent, it looks like disabled, make it more „conversionable“ and write something whats the early access is about. I wouldn‘t install it because there is no imprint i dunno where it is hosted and so else.

    Pricing is weird, anchoring is ok, but i wasn‘t reding the text wanted the price in sight but it is the text, hard to recognize. Maybe build up a card pr something. Make the price bigger.

    Greyscale colors aren‘t matching. The logo is kinda blueish while the inputfields are greyish, they don‘t match.

    On iPad Pro there is a lot of whitespace i would suggest to reduce it it is a bit too much.

    I would also deliver way more information about your product since it is a messaging plattform and for companys it is really important to have a secure communications, i see nothing which gives me trust to use this app.

    It looks good, but i think you will need marketing to establish contents and by that an IA which gives your product a more trustworthyness. Always consider communications within the company world wants secure protocols. When bigger companies don‘t find these informations they won‘t use it.

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