• Andrew Richardson, over 1 year ago

    I think my biggest question is how process flow from design to dev should work with a fully fleshed out design system. If we say we want this documentation to be a single source of truth how do we make sure dev stylesheets and codebases stay updated when changes are made on the design side.

    For example: Say i want to change the padding on all our buttons. I go into Figma and make tweaks to all the components and push it to zeroheight. At that point it seems like a very manual process to make sure that change gets pushed into the proper areas. I can see how the Design Token can handle things like colors and fonts but it doesn't seem to cover other basic components.

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    • Jerome de Lafargue, over 1 year ago

      Hey Andrew, your comment hits the nail on the head :) We have big plans for design tokens, and extending them to more than colors/fonts is one of them

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