• Filipe Gonçalves, 2 years ago

    Thanks a lot for your input, Lukacs.

    I agree with you regarding the native speakers. In our case, we are doing something similar. As I am not a native English speaker but we do use English as the main language of development, I end up creating the first version of the copies, which are later revised by an English native speaker that is also responsible for the marketing content. As we are a B2B company, this marketing person is also responsible for building and maintaining the glossary (i.e. we decided to use less formal words that are common in the industry, instead of suggesting technical words that not all users could understand), so her job in the process is even more important. Only after iterating on these copies we pass it to translators, which are later revised again to make sure there is no misunderstanding.

    Regarding Contentful, I will carefully check it out, but at first, the Pricing page is scary, isn't it? Hahaha Just to be able to have different roles (mandatory if we work with outsourced translators) within the system the price goes to 879$/month. Insane


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