Abstract raises $30M

almost 2 years ago from Dragos Gavrila, Graphic Designer. Logos, icons and typography. Available for remote freelance projects.

  • Dragos Gavrila, almost 2 years ago

    I already posted a long comment about this and then deleted it. I was fully against it. That was yesterday. Today I feel a bit different. It's still about the added complexity to the process of design and I don't like that.

    But at the end of the day, anything that gets you to ship better and easier, you will use it.

    Some of us like to work solo and do everything by ourselves, others work in small team or big teams - no matter - the tools are the tools and let them not define us as we work as designers and thinkers - also about the big money - I think they raised that much money not because of what Abstract is now - but because what Abstract can be in 1-2-3 years from now. They might have big plans and integrating everything is a good way to attract big VC money - they might add a design tool, better commenting and lots other features that can turn Abstract in a one-tool-fits-all kind of thing - You will not need Sketch + Slack + Zeplin + a prototyping tool to get stuff done - you will use just Abstract and that's it.

    If this will be the case, they can become a unicorn - raising at least 200 mil for the next round of funding.

    But for now, Abstract is a big pricey for what they offer and I would not use it - not even with a team of 10+

    My 2c

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