Abstract raises $30M

almost 2 years ago from Dragos Gavrila, Graphic Designer. Logos, icons and typography. Available for remote freelance projects.

  • David ThornDavid Thorn, almost 2 years ago

    It's absolutely overkill for a solo-designer.

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    • Guy MeyerGuy Meyer, almost 2 years ago

      Well I cautioned "probably" because I use it myself for personal projects. Speaking in absolutes makes some large assumptions my friend :)

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    • Josh Sanders, almost 2 years ago

      it's interesting that you say 'absolutely'... I used it for about a year as a solo designer, and not once felt it was overkill. I Absolutely love what it did to my workflow, and have since then added my entire product team on to abstract.

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    • Dustin Dahlberg, almost 2 years ago

      I wouldn't say absolutely. Version control is something design has been needing for a long time. It has been a fantastic add to my process. The way they integrate libraries is really awesome too.

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