Sketch, maker of popular design tool, just landed $20 million in funding(

over 1 year ago from Ahmed Sulaiman, Head of Abstract SDK Product & Engineering. Designer + Developer + Harmonica Player

  • Arthur Klepchukov, over 1 year ago

    Invision’s product strategy is too thirsty (and it’s cohesion between products feel jerry rigged like Adobe... without even the years of debt) and needy.

    Absolutely. Hardly any cohesion or UX consistency across InVision. Sharing and commenting on Prototypes is completely unlike sharing or commenting on Freehands, which is completely unlike sharing or commenting on Boards. Consistency does not seem to a goal there.

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    • Andrew C, over 1 year ago

      Yeah. I mean even if the products are supposed to BE different it’s weird they just threw them together so much. Acquiring users (read: revenue) I guess. No shame from me but I don’t trust that product strategy. It leads to the feature soup we’re complaining about now.

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