Sketch, maker of popular design tool, just landed $20 million in funding(

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  • Nelson TarucNelson Taruc, 2 years ago

    I'm on a team that uses both Sketch and Figma.

    There are more things you can do on Figma that you can't do in Sketch (e.g. real-time collaboration, design handoff to devs, use on PC/browser) than things that Sketch can do that Figma can't (e.g. offline use, more plugins and integrations, better connections to data sources). I would argue that Figma's UI for editing components is more intuitive and easier to use than Sketch's symbol overrides, IMO.

    Many of the newer features such as prototyping, overlays, etc. were released by Figma before Sketch came out with similar stuff. Anyway, if you haven't looked at Figma recently, I'd suggest taking a second look, as it's evolved quite a bit.

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    • Ben GiffordBen Gifford, 2 years ago

      Thank you for the excellent answer.

      I like the idea of a tool that's more integrated—having to involve other parties for more robust prototyping or discussion/collaboration is cumbersome at best.

      I've decided to take the workflow for a spin on the design of a new component we need that has a number of states and interactions. So far I'm very happy with the prototyping and collaboration, while the jury is still out on speed of workflow (for me, that's a heavy reliance on data, layer styles, and components-within-components).

      I appreciate the nudge.

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