Sketch, maker of popular design tool, just landed $20 million in funding(

over 1 year ago from Ahmed Sulaiman, Head of Abstract SDK Product & Engineering. Designer + Developer + Harmonica Player

  • Matt Innes, over 1 year ago

    I use both Figma and Sketch. Figma has moved faster than Sketch in prototyping terms, to the point where it now has enough functionality for prototyping most flows, though not custom animations / interactions. Sketch on the other hand doesn't have overlays or hover states, so is really a very crude prototyping tool.

    So Figma wins on the "do almost everything in one tool" stakes, but is it a better tool overall ? Sketch + Abstract works well for us for dev handoff & feedback, but yeah, seems like the focus of these funding $$ is all about replicating Abstract within Sketch Cloud, which seems like a waste of time to me. Better prototyping (stateful components in prototypes, overlays, animation) would be much more useful & would move the needle back towards Sketch.

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