• Noah SNoah S, over 4 years ago

    Incredible type, illustrations and storytelling. The Marvin typeface page got me giddy - ended up reading it over a few times and searching through the VGC work. Truly awesome. A few things I noticed:

    • There was no site menu for me to navigate back to the magazine page after leaving it for the typeface page. And no persistent menu across any pages of the site - I would consider doing something just to keep the user aware of where they are. More on this below.

    • The typeface page content and story is well written and engaging, but the page itself is super long. Maybe think about having those anchor links persistent? Or breaking it up somehow? Even on desktop I got lost easily.

    • The anchor jumps are a bit stiff on both pages - maybe its because I feel like I lose my place each time due to the length of the pages. I know smooth-scroll is a bit overused but it might help give the user some context of where they are? But then again the length of the pages would probably make this tedious.

    • The scroll animations are cool but when climbing back up the page (more noticeable on the mag page) they halt progress and reverse themselves. Is it possible to set an end state for these so they aren't repeated after the user has interacted with them once? Didn't check out how they were built but css animation prop "animation-fill-mode: forwards;" could be a start?

    • Spacing on the mag landing page is a little awkward (on 15" lappy). Up top there is a big gap for me between the page title (top), intro text (far left) and stamp graphic (far right). It creates a black empty 'T' space which I think could be tightened up, and,

    • The hierarchy of this area could probably be addressed with the above, the "VISIONS" heading is awesome but I think the elements around it are a bit lost.

    Great work!

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    • Mathieu Triay, over 4 years ago

      These are all great points, I'm glad you've enjoyed the page. The Marvin page has grown tremendously as I've been adding to it over the last year and could do with a lot better signposting, I agree (as well as a link back to the mag, which is in the intro but far from obvious!).

      The spacing on the mag landing page, however, I agree. It can feel a little lost out there on the left between the moment you reach the pictures and leave the header. I'll look at how I can spice that up with something meaningful (didn't want to have an image there for the sake of it).

      I actually enjoy the replay of the animation on scroll up/down and the feedback so far has been pretty positive on this. However, it shouldn't be slow! I think there are a few bits and bots I can optimise in there and maybe make that smoother so it's not so much of a hindrance.

      Thank you for taking the time to write up your thoughts!

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      • Noah SNoah S, over 4 years ago

        Always happy to give feedback (for whatever its worth!) to anyone who's put that much work into their passion project. You've got my email now and I'm pumped to get those updates in the inbox. Good luck!

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