• Jeffrey Gochman, 12 months ago

    Overall I think the portfolio is a good start showcasing some of the work you have done. I agree I don’t get a great sense of you and how you approach and solve problems. Some feedback:

    • The top section, which takes up about 80% of the page, doesn’t add a lot of value. Let you work be the highlight vs. your name. The arrow that points to your work feels unnecessary. Are you worried people won’t be able to find your work? If that’s true than maybe bring the work higher up the page.

    • I am not sure why UI/UX is crossed out? Is this because of the page I am on or because you don’t have any ui/ux work? If it’s crossed off because of the page I am on, maybe there is a better active state or try and match it with the page title/url.

    • When I go between different pages (example ui/ux to illustrations) the huge main image stays the same and doesn’t reflect which page I am on or represent that I am switching between pages.

    • The Kite App Website feels more like a marketing page than a detailed look into the work you did. It feels more like a list of features. Would love to hear more the problem you were trying to solve and how you approached it.

    • Some of the text is really hard to read (like on the WhatsApp page). Would consider taking the text outside of the images or increasing the size.

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    • Rachel Li Rachel Li , 12 months ago

      Hi Jeffrey,

      Thanks for those comments. They are very useful. I also feel there are several drawbacks on the website layout but the thing is that the website is created by Adobe Portfolio, which does not support so many customized design on the layout, and it does not support to edit the mobile platform display. It just automatically converts the website to a fixed mobile version.

      If anyone knows how to solve the problem, please leave a comment below.

      Another thing is that I did more work on the Kite app marketing website design instead of the UI and UX design of the App. I did participate in the whole creative process and draw a set of illustration for the app but did not get the chance to design the UI pattern and decide the UX flow etc. I am wondering how can I show my experience and problem-solving skill about this project?

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