Newbie UI designer job interview concerns

over 1 year ago from Rachel Li , UI/UX designer

  • Jennifer Nguyen, over 1 year ago

    Hey Rachel,

    I was in your shoes a few years ago, I really wanted to have a job lined up right after I finished school and I did! This is how I did it but I'm not sure if this applies to anyone else:

    1) I started applying and interviewing around this time (Feb)

    2) I accepted a job offer around May (like month or two before my graduation date) and was able to work out a deal with my employer where I would work part time while I was still in school and transition to full time once I graduated. I applied for a full time position but told them I couldn't start right away and they understood and gave me part time position.

    Overall it doesn't hurt to look now because it gives you interviewing experience. Even if you got a job offer but for some odd reason, they're not willing to wait for you to finish school, at least you have interviewing experience. One door closed is another one open.

    Recruitment process really depends on the size of the company, in general, the bigger the company, the longer the process. In my experience, it averages to about a month. My friends who now work at the big tech companies (Google, Dropbox, etc), it took them 3 months.

    I also would not recommend talking about salary until you get a job offer. It gives you more leverage when you wait because at that point, they already want you and are more willing to do anything to get you on board. If they ask early on what is your desired salary, just respond with something like "I'm negotiable depending on the range that the company is offering. My priority is to find the right fit and if extended an offer I'd be more than happy to discuss it".

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    • Rachel Li Rachel Li , over 1 year ago

      Hey Jennifer, Thank you so much for the tips! They look very useful! I really appreciate it.

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    • matt rossi, over 1 year ago

      Agreed. This is good advice Rachel.

      Do your homework (or as much as you can) to understand what a fair salary would be for an entry level position. Know your strengths and weaknesses—but understand that this is a time to learn. Prioritize an environment that will help you grow and get quality feedback along the way.

      Best of luck!!

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