Newbie UI designer job interview concerns

almost 2 years ago from Rachel Li , UI/UX designer

  • Benjamin Berger, almost 2 years ago

    Hey Rachel, I'll do my best to answer your questions:

    Is now too early to apply if you'll only be available in June? There's no absolute answer for this, it really depends on the company you'll go for :).

    To give you a few insights though, hiring is expensive for an organisation and hiring the wrong person creates a lot of damage. From personal experience, if the right fit for the position is found, they will be willing to wait an extra month or two (which is really not a long time). However, it happens that the need for a designer is immediate because of a specific project that needs to happen asap, in this case, they will prefer someone who can start immediately.

    Bottom line is that when a company recruit, they have specific needs to help them achieve the goal they plan on their roadmap. So that's something to take into account when you apply and the type of questions to ask during the interview (Why are you recruiting now? Which skills do you value the most? What are the team structure? What are the company focus area for the coming year? etc.) and for you to also understand if this place will match your expectations.

    About the salary, I personally don't like asking in the first interview. I usually go on to get a benchmark (especially for big companies).

    For me, the way it goes is first contact, if it goes well, they will ask for a in-person or at home design exercise and if this goes well, now is the right time to discuss salary and benefits. But others probably have a different experience and perspective.

    Hope that helps and good luck in your search! :)

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    • Rachel Li Rachel Li , over 1 year ago

      Hey Benjamin, Thank you so much for your generous share. That will be very useful for me.

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