I built a physical Sketch panel, would love to know what you think(medium.com)

almost 4 years ago from Erik Fanki, UI/UX Designer @ Äventyret

  • Jon MyersJon Myers, almost 4 years ago

    This is a great write up. Thanks for sharing.

    I also embarked upon a similar path using a Midi-Controller and the BetterTypeTool. I tried it for awhile, but ultimately, the heuristics of using the controller didn't make sense for me. It was easier to simply execute these commands in Runner than to lift my hands off the keyboard and try and make sure I hit the right pre-loaded button.

    I do think the hardware inputs for the design process are still in the dark ages. A mere keyboard and mouse seems primitive. I wish there were more hardware inputs akin to music production. I've seen some attempts, but they look cheap, flimsy and clunky.

    I want:

    • Motorized dials and sliders - "tuning in and out opacity" of objects.
    • Smart mouse pad - I'm addicted to the gestures on the magic mouse for design in Sketch. I'd like a "Smart Mouse Pad" touch pad - in the front of the mouse pad surface area that's respsonsive in the same way - with critical controls built in.
    • A heads up properties display that is entirely out of the workspace all together.
    • Dials and writing inputs similar to the Surface Pro on a separate peripheral.

    Unfortunately, the hardware market, risk and demand for such a product probably doesn't align for the effort involved.

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