Ageism in Tech: Why Older Designers Are Better Than Younger Designers(

almost 2 years ago from Christina Wu, Product Designer

  • Jan SemlerJan Semler, almost 2 years ago

    As i am consider my self old, that means i am a good designer? Thought works do and not my personal ego. I should write medium articles, because i can which means because i am old that i write better than younger people.

    Silly discussion. If you are old you just got way more experience but that doesn't necessary mean i am better than the younger ones. But this is just my lazy old opinion.

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    • Dragos Gavrila, almost 2 years ago

      The discussion should be related more about the years of experience doing a thing, than how old you really are as a person.

      Sure, different people progress faster or slower, depends on each of them.

      But it's the same "10.000 hours rule" for everybody, either if you start on something at 25 or need to put in the hours and do the work first, before you can really get good at anything.

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      • Jan SemlerJan Semler, almost 2 years ago

        Sure, but you need to consider technological change. Creating weblayouts on Photoshop is completly different than in Sketch. You will be faster in Sketch which gives you more creative time instead of pushing pixels in PS. Also Paradigms doesn‘t count when something new shows up, React for example.

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