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4 years ago from Philip Davis, Designer and Developer

  • Khalid LaouhiKhalid Laouhi, 4 years ago

    Bought this course yesterday because I want to use React with Framer. I have a more than adequate experience with HTML and CSS. Not enough with JavaScript, but can hack my way around. So let’s give it a try I thought! Immediately after uncompressing the files I was a bit lost as to which video to start first, because there is no order to them. I followed the order that is on the website. Already in the first video I was having a hard time following things. It dives in immediately and a lot of the terms and concepts that are mentioned I have no idea about yet.

    Thanks for making this course Philip, but would love to see back at least some kind of basic primer on some things. Lead us by the hand and tell us as if we know nothing yet. As an example, I learned Framer Classic by watching Framer Course - They go through even the most rudimental things on CoffeeScript and JavaScript concepts, which is a great way to learn. While watching the videos I would regularly pause them as I was inspired to go do my own research on terms or concepts that were mentioned. I would take notes and even write more complex exercises than the videos would show. Learned a ton.

    Maybe I just need to brush up on JavaScript and then come back to this. Just not sure if the needed baseline understanding of JavaScript — as you mention on your website — would be sufficient.

    Eager to see where you will eventually lead this course. Again thanks for doing this.

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