• Philip A, over 3 years ago

    That's an interesting point. If you work in a small startup where time/money is a limiting factor, you simply don't have the option to run A/B tests to validate your opinion. In those circumstances, you need to hire good designers who will make good design decisions (which is also not cheap). In lieu of resources, someone needs to make a 'call' on these things.

    There generally is a "best" way of doing things but a lot of the time, constraints make it impossible to achieve.

    I think A.N. has a point where a good designer will 'know' which design is better out of 2 possible options.

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    • Stan Marsh, over 3 years ago

      Most of the time quick tests like this are run to disprove the stakeholders involved. In Netflix's situation they have revamped the test again which means the stakeholders cannot/do not want to give into the simplicity mentality.

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