Expensify's 5M$ Superbowl Ad Teardown

7 months ago from Louis-Xavier Lavallee, Co-founder @ Growth.Design

  • Dave BowkerDave Bowker, 6 months ago

    I agree with some of the points about how to start it, but it looks like it's been tweaked since then so is a little better.

    For me, I started reading the article before I noticed the 3px progress slider at the very bottom of the page. After I already clicked like 10x and then saw that it wasn't even 1/7 of the way through... I was done.

    I was looking for 3 things when I clicked the article:

    1. What's this advert you wanted to call out? (I'm interested)
    2. What's so good/bad about it? (Give me your POV)
    3. What did that advert do for them/you & why? (Metrics/Insights)

    My suggestions - make your argument shorter and snappier and think about doing it all in one page that a user can scroll/skim that type of info. Other than that, your design and illustrations are great. Good job :-)

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    • Louis-Xavier Lavallee, 6 months ago

      Hey Dave,

      Thank you for taking the time to articulate your thoughts and be as detailed as this! Your points are excellent. I'll definitely take this into account when I update this teardown and for my future teardowns.

      If possible, I'd love to discuss this further when I'll have an update, feel free to reach out to me directly lx@growth.design!


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