Can I write “Creative Director” on a student résumé / CV?

over 1 year ago from Kevin Rabinovich, Ideas, youth, tech, design, & education

  • Derek Bodily, over 1 year ago

    Don't do it.

    The agency I interned at after graduating told me they didn't usually take students from my school because they often listed themselves as CDs on student work. At several agencies I've worked at, I've heard recruiters make fun of students for calling themselves CDs. I've even seen applications thrown in the trash after a room of recruiters/CDs ripped on applications like this.

    When you're a student, titles are pretty arbitrary, so that's not what they're looking at. Maybe it won't hurt you, but maybe they'll think you've got an ego when you're already referring to yourself as a CD without any real-world experience, so why risk it? You're not going to get hired to be a CD right out of school, so it's not necessary to have "experience" as one. I would play it casual and refer to yourself as an Art Director or Designer – those are simple titles for jobs you could actually get after graduating.

    In the end, the title doesn't matter, your work does. I would give yourself a reasonable title on these projects, include the details of your role in a small write up (just like in this post) in the first paragraph, and then show your work in a case study.

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