Does anyone here actually use UI kits?

5 months ago from Matt K, Head of Design

  • Jon MooreJon Moore, 5 months ago

    Hey Mike,

    We've designed an intentionally vanilla system more akin to Bootstrap because every business has different needs, a different brand, and different requirements.

    UX Power Tools is a collection of ingredients, not prepackaged meals.

    At our agency, we use it every time we start a new client engagement. We spend a hour or two customizing it to fit their brand and/or matching their existing product (down to specific button and field styles), then jump right into production design. Because it's built with styles and symbols, it's incredibly scalable and easy to maintain.

    Last month, a client wanted to update the font and brand colors of the entire app. Our designers used to have to spend days updating hundreds of screens. Now they make a couple changes on the style sheet in UXPT and the changes cascade throughout the file. What took days literally takes minutes.

    We don't want our designers wasting time recreating the same components over and over again. So we built them perfectly (for us) once, and reuse it over and over and over again, making tweaks to fit the client's needs at hand.

    Here's a peek at our forthcoming update.

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