Expensify's 5M$ Superbowl Ad Teardown

16 days ago from Louis-Xavier Lavallee, Co-founder @ Growth.Design

  • Mike A.Mike A., 12 days ago

    Me (just regular guy with wide monitor):

    1/ Clicks the link...

    2/ Where's the teardown? confused

    (30 seconds of scrolling up and down and thinking how dumb I am)

    3/ Accidentally stumbling upon the arrow to "start the article"

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    • Julian H, 12 days ago

      Same here.

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      • , 12 days ago

        Hey guys, thanks again for the feedback, I actually changed the title slide to indicate that you can use the arrows to see the teardown! Cheers!

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        • Stuart McCoyStuart McCoy, 12 days ago

          Yes, however you used a pointing finger which looks and acts a lot like the arrows you're trying to get users to interact with. I spent a few seconds trying to click the hand before I realized that there were arrows at the bottom of the page. Perhaps this finger needs to actually point to the arrows themselves?

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          • , 12 days ago

            Good point Stuart, unfortunately, since it's responsive I can't align the hand with the arrows. However, if you click on the hand now, it will take you to the first slide! But agreed that it's not the best, I'm working on a better solution! Thanks for the feedback!

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    • Tom CTom C, 12 days ago

      same. I actually clicked the arrow but failed to realize it's the contents of the article...

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    • Florian BauernfeindFlorian Bauernfeind, 6 days ago

      Same. Really really hard to get started. I actually closed the page and looked at the DN comments for help.

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    • , 12 days ago

      Hey Mike! Thanks for the feedback, you're definitely not dumb! I'll specify it in the comments, maybe I'll even modify the first slide!

      Anything to add regarding the content? Thanks again!

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    • John LeschinskiJohn Leschinski, 12 days ago

      ugh.. last thing I want to do is view a slideshow.

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