Does anyone here actually use UI kits?

5 months ago from Matt K, Head of Design

  • Mike A.Mike A., 5 months ago

    What happened to DN that it is wrong to talk about stuff you create? Jon's comment was relevant, he has a HUGE experience in this area and I don't understand why it gets downvoted.

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    • Jon MooreJon Moore, 5 months ago

      It’s okay. I appreciate your kindness. I took an opportunity to share something I created and it came across as too self-involved.

      It can be pretty discouraging though as it relates to sharing anything you create though. I can only hope my contributions to the community help at least someone do their job a little better, or work a little smarter.

      Thanks for your comment, Mike.

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    • Bart S, 5 months ago

      I'm not trying to downplay his product in any way, I actually used UX Power Tools a long time ago myself and I liked it. Hell if I think of UI kits, UX Power Tools is one of the first that comes to mind since I've seen it everywhere for quite a long time already. But if I'm looking for genuine opinions on why I would use something, I wouldn't be interested in hearing a creator of that something praise his product to me. Of course he's going to tell me it's awesome and the best and it improves his workflow in every single way possible. Why wouldn't he?

      If I'm asking 'why would I watch TV on a TV screen and not on my phone?' and Philips would respond 'well we've watched countless of hours of TV on our TV's and it's been awesome looking at our HD 4k screens because they're the best' it wouldn't make sense to me either.

      I do have to mention that the big self promotion link has been edit and toned down aswel since I posted my comment.

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