Does anyone here actually use UI kits?

5 months ago from Matt K, Head of Design

  • Francezka KuwalskaFrancezka Kuwalska, 5 months ago

    Not losing any last chance to put the link to your average product. And there's nothing related to UX, you're misleading a user

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    • Jon MooreJon Moore, 5 months ago

      Could you explain what you mean by your last sentence?

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      • Selv Grimm, 5 months ago

        I think I can take that: What part of the package has anything to do with UX? It's all just visual elements of various quality. I don't even see anything about the context in which a specific element should be used, guidelines etc. And yet you call it a "UX Power Tools" which suggests some kind of Design Language/System, with study backed patterns of interaction, best practises for personas etc. Anything that would be usefull or even usable from a UX Design perspective.

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        • Jon MooreJon Moore, 5 months ago

          I appreciate your tact and thoughtful response. Thanks for sharing your opinions.

          In my personal view, the design community has taken up a great deal of gatekeeping around design terminology. They spend more time arguing about "what is" and "what isn't" than they do improving their craft. There was never any intention to mislead anyone. It's simply our name for a collection of tools that will help you spend less time fiddling with UI so you can spend more time on the user experience.

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