Does anyone here actually use UI kits?

5 months ago from Matt K, Head of Design

  • Cameron Vaea, 5 months ago

    Hey man,

    Wanted to share my experience. Currently using Figma to turn around designs quick in a startup whilst also simultaneously trying to:

    1. Minimise future design debt while we work rapidly to get a product to market
    2. Works cross-platform and cross-product
    3. Has available react resources to help our developers work more efficiently

    This came in the form of:

    1. Free Material UI Kit resource for Figma - which I can use to spit out the UI for patterns quickly
    2. - which has a large part of these components + interactions built out for our devs


    Half my career has been split in agency and product and can't really find a use for a UI kit across multiple brands, I believe they're necessary when it's 1 brand across multiple applications when the brand meets some form of maturity.

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