• Jan SemlerJan Semler, 1 year ago

    Sometimes, it is good to kickstart a project. When you need a visual concept to show it to the clients for pitches. The others are templates.

    There are two kind of kits. One that works with the visual appeal the other one are template kits.

    If i work for a company who has to build up a new system it would be worthy to have look on new template kits where you have the groundwork setup. You would have cheaper development costs and when the template is flexible enough to alter the design. The other ones are just visual comcepts where color fonts work in harmony, you know the drill.

    Be aware some of them might look good but lacking of systematic or are complex to use and to unterstand.

    I come to the conclusion to build my own template and habe all nessecary elemtns as template. I use kits to have a look on how others build up their systematic to learn an adapt it to my template. My goal is to habe a flexible template for my needs.

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