Does anyone here actually use UI kits?

5 months ago from Matt K, Head of Design

  • Max Quinn, 5 months ago

    I never used to see the point but am definitely coming round.

    When I've found them most useful is when working with frontend frameworks on products where we're designing quickly and don't need something heavily customised. Eg: A company admin system that's in no way customer facing.

    The developer is using Semantic-UI frontend framework for example, with only minor styling tweaks to bring it on brand. But the thing still needs designing in terms of putting all the components together in a logical way. Having a well set up Sketch file with all the elements of Semantic-UI helps me speed up my workflow while also ensuring I stick within the constraints.

    I can also see the use outside of that context when creating a big design system, but only really for the sake of smaller components. Having all buttons, fields, dropdowns, calendar pickers, etc all ready to go in well constructed symbols saves a tonne of time, and by editing just a few colours they can be full customised to the large majority of brands.

    As a slight side note: they can be really useful to learn Sketch techniques, particularly in terms of how to best nest symbols and create components that are very responsive and customisable. They're largely created by people who are in the nuts and bolts of UI every single day, so as someone who's spread across UI/UX/Strategy I'm delighted to be able to work off their deeper expertise.

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