• Brian HintonBrian Hinton, over 2 years ago

    Try using Figma to build a component for a button with horizontally centered icon & text inside of it. This shouldn't be an issue in 2019, but here we are.

    I do think stacks are great. But I can do that fairly easily in Figma with grids and constraints.

    That sounds amazing, and I would love to do the same, but unfortunately, that seems like a luxury only afforded to big companies with virtually unlimited resources. I'm having a hard time imagining smaller companies being able to dedicate the necessary engineer and designer resources required for building this out.

    Very true. That’s the nice thing about Figma. It’s much more incremental. I’ve started with color, and text being defined by Figma. And the advantage with Figma is that you aren’t locked into any single ecosystem that could go the path of jQuery. And designers don’t all have to no how to work with code to modify parts of the system.

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