What font size works best for the website header?

1 year ago from Ahmed Sulaiman, Head of Abstract SDK Product & Engineering. Designer + Developer + Harmonica Player

  • koushik c, 1 year ago

    I dont think the problem here is the size of the font imo (current version is just fine) the color combination for one just doesn't seem to be working for me. The yellow is too light against the light gray background, the dark text isn't really working well in combination with the yellow and the blue button seems a bit out of place. I don't think that yellow should be your primary/differentiating color; especially against that light gray bg.

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    • Ahmed Sulaiman, 1 year ago

      Thanks for your thoughts! I'm actually thinking to change the light gray picture to the video. The video\gif\animation should be in a contrast color. Don't know how it will play out.

      and the blue button seems a bit out of place

      previously, the button was yellow as well. With next iteration of landing, I will sit with my freelance designers and think about better color scheme

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