What's your process for hiring designers?

over 1 year ago from A Paul, Lead Designer

  • Ollie BarkerOllie Barker, over 1 year ago

    Maybe this isn't necessarily the place to discuss this, but what do people think about the often long-winded processes required for designers interviewing for companies?

    Often if a design task is required it can require 10s of hours of your own time (paid or unpaid). Unless the time estimate associated with the task is perfectly accurate I feel it quickly makes applicants doubt their own ability and also makes it a nightmare to figure out when they should stop and actually hit submit.

    As someone who has quite a busy schedule this has always put me off applying for roles in the past. It also means I struggle to build a 'competitive' portfolio to accurately reflect my skills.

    It's also worth noting that asking an interviewee to work on part of the companies product as a task is a horrible way to go. Their knowledge and resources will be so limited the work is never going to accurately reflect what they could do if they were employed.

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