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    Yeah. The components losing values when updated is a big annoyance. I've reported that a few times.

    Critique of Enterprise

    Broad thoughts

    I really wish Enterprise offered more value. It's really just group pricing, and the ability to create teams. Fonts, and organization library is....well not really much. Organization libraries are great, but with a single team you get pretty much the same workflow. Fonts can be useful for remote teams, and collaborating with contractors. But really it's not significant enough to warrant the cost just for that. It's pretty simple to just share an asset folder (which we do already for other assets). Activity seemed to be a rough afterthought with little polish, and is missing a lot of functionality I'd like to see, and needs to be much more forward facing. Figma needs some sort of true Dashboard view at the Enterprise level.

    My demo

    I scheduled a demo to see if it was useful for our organization. The sales contact didn't really demo it effectively. The individual that demoed Enterprise services didn't properly introduce themselves, and seemed confused about their role in Figma. I came up with some possible solutions for my own questions after the meeting, since the sales individual didn't really seem to know the tool enough to come up with workarounds. I also found it odd that they were doing the demo while at the beach. Lots of static, and audio clicked in and out. Cool, and hip to be at the beach for sure, but come on! I'm at a coffee shop myself right now, but for conference calls (beyond standups) I'll move somewhere quiet.


    My main wish with Enterprise was to allow more fine grained control over permissions, and UI visibility. Detailed into the following roles:

    1. Admin / Owner: Same as now
    2. Editor: Can edit files within the teams they have access
    3. Developer: Can view everything an editor can, but in view mode.
    4. Copy: Can edit anything that is text, but nothing else.
    5. View: Can view pages, and frames are displayed (but no sublayers). Code is not displayed, and is replaced with comments visible by default. As that is the main use case for stakeholders / business sponsors. They come in, and review designs / prototypes. The interface is confusing for them.
    6. Custom: I imagine looping all of this into a custom interface that allows organizations to configure their own custom roles would be useful. Especially for Contract employees, and providing fine grain access to specific files and teams.
    7. Share: Really need more knowledge on sharing, and info about who views files. Just people who have logged in, and have an account is not enough. I want to know if the file has been copied. I want to know basic IP information about file access.

    It would also be very useful to be able to only share specific pages, frames, etc. and not display anything else. This is easy enough to workaround by exporting, or having a separate file. BUT this defeats much of the benefit of Figma where comments can reside in the core project file, and not separated out in other files.


    I really hoped versioning would also have more functionality within Enterprise. In general this needs to be more focused, and fleshed out. Being able to branch files into duplicates, but retain the connection to the previous file (in the sense of this is from X). Would really make versioning better. Really I have many wants to versioning that is missing.

    Part of the whole reviewing of files. Having something simple where frames, and pages have a CTA when changes have occurred since your last visit would be a game changer when dealing with stakeholders, and business sponsors. I can again work around that by doing it manually. (which I do) But having that group into versioning would be nice.


    The help documentation is decades old online. I've been working on my own cookbook / manual that I use to onboard contractors, and as a reference because I can't really direct them to help. Most of the screenshots are outdated, and don't show the current interface. Documentation on many of the features is very primitive, and doesn't really explain the HOW something works. This isn't directly related to Enterprise, but I feel is worth mentioning for anyone that comes across this mini-review. I've discussed this with a few internal members of Figma, and I know they are aware of the issues and are working on it.

    That said...

    All of this said. I love Figma. I'm an evangelist, and run the Tampa Bay Meetup. I'm always sharing, and talking about it. I've personally converted dozens of individuals to paying Figma users. But I'm continually frustrated by the slow pace of management level capabilities. I imagine time will eventually lead to solutions to some of my concerns. Use Figma!

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