• Cameron Vaea, 3 years ago

    Huge fan of the entire experience you guys have been putting together end to end Daniel.

    I've worked in multiple different design disciplines across different industries and completely appreciate and understand the challenges you went through to maintain the quality of the experience whilst getting buy-in from stakeholders and solving cost (often going hand in hand).

    Every impression counts, especially the first, and you guys are nailing it. Even though it doesn't have all the things I need yet - I've completely switched over because of the experience and am loving the service so far. Big Ups!

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    • Daniel WearneDaniel Wearne, 3 years ago

      Great to hear Cameron. Making a good case for things, or 'selling your vision' is an underrated part of designing solutions. It's really tough in an industry as established as banking.

      Stick with us! We're across a lot of the features we know we need to get in asap, it's going to be a big 6 months.

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