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over 1 year ago from Farzad Ban, I run @3drops, we designed this place. Recently launched @onroadmap.

  • John Low, over 1 year ago

    Hello Farzad,

    Just wondering is 3drops as agency still works on client projects or focused entirely on Roadmap. Thanks.

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    • Farzad BanFarzad Ban, over 1 year ago

      We still take on client work from time to time when the right one comes along. We are definitely more picky than others when it comes to finding the right fit thanks to Roadmap. That means we no longer depend on client work to pay our bills.

      But we are still active and looking for the one. Our last client work was about a couple of months ago and it was probably our most challenging and rewarding project yet. We worked with governments around the world to simplify and unify the online visa processes for over 60 countries at once. Working with that many stakeholders, on such a complex system, with a tight deadline given by each country, and so many moving pieces, we really pulled off the impossible and shipped a solution we are really proud of. Not to mention that it was delivered on time and within budget.

      To me, personally, with my history with visas, that project meant a lot. I've been stateless for half of my life and I still don't have permanent citizenship anywhere in the world. I wrote a post about what it's like and what I learned in the past 14 years here if you are interested:

      Anyway, I think we've found a good balance between starting and growing our own businesses and helping others with theirs when our values and our ideas of how work should be done match.

      Hope that answered your question.

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