I designed and built a habit tracking app for iOS. What do you think? (itunes.apple.com)

over 2 years ago from Sandor Gyuris, Product Designer

  • Antek GrzankaAntek Grzanka, over 2 years ago

    Very great looking and easy to understand app!

    The problem with most todos I have is that after a while marking my progress every day in an app seems to be pointless - all that effort into putting information every day for let's say a year and what for? Also, most todos try to mix up area where the user enters the data and reads it. You already made the input area very cool, maybe now you could focus on area where the user would interpret it? Maybe you can take a cue from Stocks and Health apps where Apple built really clear and interactive graphs. Also, Battery section in Settings is neat.

    Ah, one more tip - when tapping on a todo with an intention to add a note I feel that I'm editing that todo globally. That this note belongs not to that particular date but to that particular todo forever.

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