Designers for Open Source?

4 years ago from Varun Arora, CEO at OpenCurriculum

  • Xavier BertelsXavier Bertels, 4 years ago

    Well, you are right, there’s always room for improvement. One way you can try to address this is by letting people of design, development and other backgrounds work together on open source projects. Every summer for the past four years I’ve been a (design) coach for the students who build open source stuff at Hopefully, in a couple of years, a few of these people will become major open source contributors and they will remember how important design was, even in open source projects :-).

    If you’re interested in potentially changing things with a bit of a longer-term timeline, you could maybe get in touch with the organisation and try and set up your own version of open summer of code?

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    • Varun Arora, 4 years ago

      Fascinating, the idea of cultivating a breed of young talented folks who can eventually contribute in big ways. Love that your involved with that initiative.

      Yes, just trying to think (but not overthink) through the right approach here. Want to make sure what I do can generate decent momentum in some way

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