DN mobile app - when?

over 1 year ago from Tom Green, designer, trying to make things work at dailyinspiring.com

  • Aaron Wears Many HatsAaron Wears Many Hats, over 1 year ago

    Use a better browser than safari then :)

    Safari is to apple users what Internet Explorer is to windows users IMO - something you use to download firefox or chrome.

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    • Jorge MartinsJorge Martins, over 1 year ago

      What about the reading list? The keychain? The iCloud tabs? The history etc . Should I really change my browser experience because of one single bugged website? This doesn’t happen on any other website, only DN. Not to mention that safari is the default so every link from the email newsletter will open on safari, so that I can then open it in chrome? I really don’t get his “change browser” argument, Next step is change phone entirely ? Yeah because every browser on iOS are pretty much safari with a skin on top.

      Is it too hard to remove the login fields from the dom when you’re logged in?

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