• Simone Phillips, 2 years ago

    So I use nested symbols in Sketch for the component, then I override the different parts of it to suit the context that it is in. This is pretty obvious, I know, and the next challenge that comes is when you want a 'template' of each of these contextual variations, without creating more and more symbols...

    So I came across this plugin called 'Symbol State', https://github.com/ahmedmigo/Symbol-state which allows you to save the 'state', (i.e. the unique combination of overrides that you have made based on that symbol's context) and give it a name. Then when you add this symbol to an artboard, you can change its 'state' to automatically apply all of the overrides you need for that context, with one click. Saves so much time! And doesn't create more/unnecessary symbols, and allows you to use Atomic Design principles.

    The plugin can be a little finicky to use sometimes, but when I've gotten it to work, it's been amazing.

    I mostly use it for international translations of copy in the same component symbol. (It even saves overridden text!)

    I'm not sure how active the developer of the plugin is (when I've been confused or had an issue) but the concept is still great if this inspires anyone else to create something similar, or the dev for this plugin to be more active.

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