Is Design Valuable?(

over 1 year ago from Moe Amaya

  • Moe AmayaMoe Amaya, over 1 year ago

    It’s because the 5 products I shipped were competing with existing products that have SEO+ads as their business model.

    Let’s say instead I decided to design a toothbrush (like quip did), I’d instead use market share and revenue to gauge business value...but that would take years and is hard data to get.

    The combination of fast results and easy comparison makes it simple to start with Google rankings.

    Ultimately im interested in building saas software and eventually housing so I will continue testing my thesis at larger scales.

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    • Gleb Sabirzyanov, over 1 year ago

      Ok, now I understand your point of view but I cannot agree with you completely (I don't disagree too, I'm just trying to understand things). Maybe that's because I actually know nothing about SEO, maybe because I don't have enough information from your cases to know for sure.

      Are people finding your product because it has good design or because the product's name is exactly what they typed? I believe people are drawn to this kind of simplicity nowadays with tons of brands surrounding them. So if the main channel through which people find you is search, what role does design except copywriting play in it being ranked high? Also, if you would compare your products to those that already existed — why do you believe your products are designed better?

      Thank you for taking time to answer my questions and having a constructive dialog with me.

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      • Moe AmayaMoe Amaya, over 1 year ago

        People are finding the products directly through Google, which is why SEO/rankings is considered “business value” in this experiment,

        For the second part of your question, I’ll let you form your own opinion:

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        • Mitch Malone, over 1 year ago

          I think you'd have more compelling results if each product that you released had a control and experiment group. The experiment group had all the nice "designery" things and the control didn't. And then you measure real product engagement with each group.

          Here, you can measure engagement (how many people used the site to achieve a goal?) and retention (how many people who used it at least once in a month came back again in the same month?)

          Your experiments are measuring traffic to the site, not how well the site actually works.

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