• John PJohn P, 6 months ago

    I built a workstation PC machine for UI design, motion graphics and 3D so I'll chime in too.

    How long did it take you to setup?

    First time I've done it so it took me 2-4 hours because I was being very careful and quadruple checking everything. I've built a few more machines since and they take like 30-45 minutes when you know what you're doing.

    Was it complicated to get this running?

    Nope, worked out of the box and windows installs in like 10 minutes, very fast.

    How stable is the system?

    I initially had some problems under heavy GPU load but it turned out it was a faulty GPU and it's been insanely solid since I have a dual GPU machine and run it full pelt for CUDA based 3D rendering for hours. It's really awesome that even though a hugely important part of the machine was broken I could replace it within 24 hours myself.

    I've also upgraded my storage twice since I switched and bumped my ram to 64GB, again another thing impossible on macs.

    What features are you able to use / not use?

    Things that just don't exist on a Mac, using GPUs for insanely fast 3D rendering (I mean Cinema4D 3D rendering, not talking realtime 3D), got into VR 3D sculpting too since that's something you can only do on PC. Rest of the time it's just Adobe XD, Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects. I also use the GPUs for some machine learning experiments, again something very painful to do on Macs.

    What's about automatic updates & backups?

    I use Backblaze, but I think Windows has built in automatic backups. Updates are about as forceful as Macs, people always act like that doesn't happen on Macs but if you don't update a mac these days it'll ask you EVERY.SINGLE.DAY and you have to dismiss it.

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    • T. F., 5 months ago

      Hey John, thanks for your answer! Though, I think you misread the question, as the subject was a Hackintosh setup I was asking about. Yet, it's a valid comparison win vs mac.

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