• Brian HintonBrian Hinton, 11 months ago
    1. Install Quicklook from the Windows Store. It's just as good (and even better) in many cases than the Mac equivalent. The code, and markdown preview is better.
    2. I've personally never liked drag-and-drop. I'm more of an Open With...but I get why this might be an annoyance. I kinda like the pin capability. It is technically possible to drag-and-drop, but each app must implement it.
    3. I suspect this might be your drive. My NVME SSD is super fast, and I haven't noticed a difference when compared to my MacBook Pro.
    4. This can be killed by disabling some of the more annoying Windows options. I compare this to the odd random swiping in Mac OS that opens the useless Notifications Center. Or Mac OS telling me this isn't an approved app requiring me to unlock to install.
    5. I'm curious about your frustrations.
    6. This is simply not true. For awhile now Windows has more elegantly handled Window management, Window snapping, etc. There are a number of built-in shortcuts that mimic Spectacle on Mac OS. Not to mention I don't have to do a weird click + drag on the green traffic light to snap fullscreen apps.
    7. Again not true. Windows allows you to properly utilize the GPU across every Adobe app. Not to mention have any GPU you could possibly want. Do you have the GPU acceleration enabled in your Adobe applications?
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